AdWords Management With Sponsored LinX

Sponsored LinX is a powerful yet easy to use Aptana-like advertising platform for your Google AdWords campaigns in Australia and New Zealand. Users are able to build custom ads with rich HTML5 features and can even track their own campaign statistics. With the help of Sponsored LinX, you can easily manage your own PPC advertising in two countries with the same features and benefits. Click here.


AdWords Management With Sponsored LinX

As a Google AdWords campaign manager, you can create and monitor your own PPC campaign. You can manage the adverts, compare keywords to ads, set minimum bid amounts and much more with ease. With this powerful tool, you will enjoy great benefits such as tracking in-depth marketing reports, detailed monthly reports, advanced analysis tools, account import options, user-based design with customizable themes and templates, account management and many other great features and benefits. Your business will get better value for your investment and you can achieve higher quality scores from your adwords campaign.

If you are looking for an effective solution to your on-demand marketing needs, the Sponsored LinX platform can be an ideal choice. No matter what your current on-demand marketing needs may be, no matter what budget constraints you may be under, the Sponsored LinX platform can meet all of them and more! So if you are looking for a cost effective yet comprehensive solution for your on-demand marketing needs, take a closer look at the Sponsored LinX and get started on your online advertising campaign today!