CBD Lollipop – A Quick, Mellow and Effective Way to Enjoy Cannabidiol

Lollipops, gum and lozenges are some of the most common forms of cannabis candy. They’re also discreet, easy to carry, and a great way to enjoy a bit of cannabis on the go.

What does THC stand for?

CBD lollipop (aka “weed sucker”) are potent, delicious and offer a quick, mellow, and effective way to take advantage of the pain-relieving and relaxation properties of cannabidiol. They also offer a quicker onset than some other types of edibles, which means you can feel the effects faster.

These potent suckers are infused with 50mg of thc lollipop distillate, the purest form of marijuana extracts available. They’re perfect for those seeking a relaxing, laid-back experience that leaves them feeling mellow and groggy.

You can make these easy-to-make thc lollipop treats right at home with just a few simple ingredients, including sugar and a candy thermometer. Plus, they’re a great way to save some cash and customize your flavor, sugar content and THC potency!

The case of a man who had a heart attack after eating a THC lollipop is a good reminder that the drug isn’t for everyone. It can cause hallucinations, anxiety and other side effects that may not be in sync with the body’s chemistry.

With the legalization of marijuana, a lot more people could be affected by its negative effects. Those who have been smoking for years or have heart problems or other ailments should be careful about how much they consume, and should always consult with their doctor before trying any new type of edible.


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