How to Use Fraud Protect to Protect Your Shopify Store

fraud protect shopify

Fraud protect shopify  analysis uses machine learning to spot fraudulent orders. You can then review these high-risk orders to determine whether there is something suspicious going on, avoiding chargebacks and helping your business stay secure.

Fraudulent orders are orders that do not have the customer’s authorization. This could include stolen credit card numbers or orders where the customer is trying to use a different billing address from the one they originally placed an order with.

You can use the order detail page in your Shopify store to look for indicators of fraud. These can be things like IP proxy use, multiple card attempts, or different billing & shipping addresses.

When an order is flagged as fraudulent, it will be paused and you can review it to make sure it’s valid. You’ll also receive notifications so you can cancel and refund the order.

Currently, only a select group of US stores are eligible for Fraud Protect. However, the service will be expanded to more merchants in the near future.

How to Stay Ahead of Fraudsters: An In-Depth Guide to Shopify Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent transactions can lead to chargebacks, which can be a big financial drain on your business. Using the right policies and rules can help you avoid chargebacks, which can reduce the risk of your business losing money in the long run.

The best way to protect your Shopify store against fraudulent orders is to use Fraud Filter, a free app that helps you block orders you think might be suspicious and warn or cancel them automatically. It’s easy to install and is directly integrated with your store.


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