Go Green With Eco Friendly Fashion

One of the best ways to make a difference is by wearing eco-friendly fashion. This is not just about wearing fewer clothes, it is also about buying smart and buying durable clothing that will last. There are so many ways to go green when it comes to fashion, but the first step is to be vocal about climate change.

Is Amazon a sustainable company?

There are many brands out there that are committed to eco-friendly fashion. Patagonia and Kohn, for example, produce clothing that is made from natural fibers and recycled materials. Their clothing is designed to last and doesn’t need washing after every use. In addition to this, their styles are often bright and feature stylish patterns and knits. They also offer nearly everything under PS150, making them a great choice for the CarbonClick conscious.

The best way to find eco-friendly clothing is to look for organic materials. Some brands like Pact make their basics out of organic cotton, which uses 81 percent less water than traditional cotton. Moreover, organic cotton is softer than the alternative and is engineered for all-day comfort. They also make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. Ultimately, they strive to make their clothes eco-friendly while still being fashionable and functional.

When shopping for sustainable clothing, always consider the price and quality. Eco-friendly items usually cost a bit more, but they are made from better quality materials. Organic cotton, for example, is grown without pesticides. Additionally, ethical brands pay their farmers a living wage.


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