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radon gas detection  LifetimRadon

Radon detection is a vital element in the prevention of health problems caused by radon gas. Using a LifetimRadon detector is an easy and affordable way to start monitoring your home. The device works like a smoke or carbon monoxide detector and is easy to install. The device collects air samples every hour and displays the data on a computer screen. It can also be controlled remotely. LifetimRadon requires three AAA batteries and takes two to four days to collect and analyze results. This device is a perfect choice for new homeowners who want to test their new home for radon. Find Out – radon gas detection | LifetimRadon

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is invisible to the naked eye and can be found in low concentrations outdoors. However, it can build up indoors in closed spaces. Radon gas detection kits will help identify radon levels and recommend mitigation measures. There are a few simple and affordable radon mitigation methods that you can choose from:

Besides monitoring radon levels, a LifetimRadon sensor works as an alert system. It can detect high and low concentrations of radon gas in your home, and send you notifications about them by email, SMS, or telegram. It also gives you daily statistics to see how high and low the radon level is.


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