SCURA – A 3D-Printed Pinhole Camera With a Curved Back

SCURA is a 3D-printed pinhole camera with a curved back that makes pinhole photography both simple and fun. Pinhole photography is known for its simple techniques and ethereal, dreamy images. This camera’s modest design takes away all the bells and whistles and leaves the photographer free to concentrate on the creative process. Its curved back allows light to reach the film evenly, resulting in beautifully distortion-free photos. Read more –

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The SCURA will reach 60mph in 4sec and 100mph in 9.9sec. Its top speed is 152mph. It will be sold in limited numbers and will cost around PS45,000 in the UK. To order a Scura, go to the company’s website. You can get a free 14-day trial. The name Scura is listed as #74608 on’s list of most common surnames in the U.S., and appears 259 times in the 2010 census. Therefore, the surname Scura is found in just 0.09 people out of every hundred thousand people in the U.S.


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