Motorcycle Helmets

motorcycle helmets nz | moto1 are an essential piece of gear. Whether you ride a Harley Davidson, a Honda Motorcycle, or any other motorcycle, choosing the right one is imperative. However, you don’t necessarily want to choose the highest-priced model just because it has a prestigious brand name. A helmet’s performance is tested by a rating organisation. New Zealand adheres to international safety standards for motorcycle gear.

 Choosing the Right One

Quality road helmets in New Zealand are certified to meet rigorous safety standards, which vary from one model to another. However, crash performance varies widely among the various approved helmets. Tests conducted by the UK Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) are the most thorough and publish their results online. Open-face helmets are significantly less safe than other types, as 34.6% of crashes impact the chin. Full-face helmets can also steam up, reducing your peripheral vision and causing cold-related skin problems.

Full-face motorcycle helmets meet the FMVSS-218 standards, but there are some shortcomings to this type of helmet. In crashes, the chin-bar does not always stay in place. According to SHARP, flip-front helmets’ chin bars were closed only 17 percent of the time in crash tests. A number of other models closed only 20 percent of the time. If you ride a motorcycle on rough terrain, the most important feature to have is a quality shell and a decent screen.

As mentioned, choosing the right helmet depends on your needs and budget. There are two main types of motorcycle helmets available in New Zealand: full-face and modular. While full-face helmets provide the most protection, modular helmets are designed for comfort. Choose the type that fits you the best. You’ll be glad you made the choice! cunoaște More About Motorcycle Helmets


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