Dream About a Crow Attacking Me

dream about a crow attacking me

The dream about a crow attacking me has tragic and unpleasant meanings. It suggests that you are in danger. The crow’s aggressive behavior may indicate that you are ignoring your unconscious needs. In addition, a dream about a crazed rooster means you’re provoking others or yourself. Here are some of the other interpretations of this type of dream:

What Does It Mean?

If you’ve recently started a new project, the crow in your dream represents the need to drop it. You’re either stuck at a dead end or you’ve failed to finish the first one. If you’re in the middle of an impromptu project, it’s time to drop it and start anew. It’s better to start late than never than to give up. If you’re afraid of the future, the crow in your dream can represent your need for independence.

Besides feeling scared, dreaming about a crow can mean that you have become overly self-conscious. You’re hiding some part of yourself and need to make your choices. You’re not happy with something, but you need to let go of it first. If you have a crow in your dream, it means that you’re in danger of making a mistake. If you’re in danger of getting hurt, you should avoid stepping out of your house if you want to prevent this nightmare from happening again.