How to Select the Right Server for Your Needs

While this option isn’t available with all server providers today, it has significant benefits for most businesses. This article will outline what 10Gbps is and why you should order a 10Gbps unmanaged dedicated server. The first step to purchasing a 10Gbps server is to check out the available bandwidth on your existing network. If you don’t have the entire capacity you need, then you might consider purchasing a server with extra capacity. Click Here –

Benefits of Using High Bandwidth Dedicated Servers

It is important to have some sort of an edge on your competitors if you want to compete in the global marketplace. This is possible through the use of advanced equipment, such as 10Gbps dedicated servers, which are capable of transmitting at high speed. When looking at options for servers, you will quickly see that many companies offer the same basic equipment. They then go out of their way to make the most money by including useless add-ons like redundant power supplies and network interface cards. You don’t need to buy top of the line equipment when you can instead purchase a server with extra capacity and redundancy.

A good way to determine the amount of space needed for storage and bandwidth for your server is to look at the average monthly downloads. For example, if you have a website that gets about twenty thousand page views per month, then you would want to choose servers with approximately twenty Gbps network connections. Some servers even offer two tengbps connections. You will also want to take into account the amount of time your website is open in order to determine the amount of traffic your site will require. Many professional web hosting companies offer a wide range of options for both disk space and bandwidth. To find the best deals on 10Gbps dedicated servers, be sure to contact a company that offers superior customer service.