A Beginners Guide to Stainless Grates

Stainless grates are made from a type of metal called stainless steel. Its original use was in the making of gun barrels and then as an alternative to chrome in automobile exhaust parts. However, over time, it’s use has expanded to appliances ranging from sinks to cooking grids. A cooking grid is a flat surface where food is cooked on, and the term ‘grate’ refers to the board or slab of metal that’s used to hold all the pieces together. Because of the wide range of uses for these surfaces, it’s no wonder that you can find them in a great number of different shapes, sizes and configurations.


One of the most popular kinds of stainless grates are those that are made from cast iron or porcelain, although they’re also available in a wide range of other materials. Cast iron has long been considered a better choice for kitchen and home maintenance, since it’s both durable and retains its shiny surface well. Porcelain is even sturdier and, because it’s generally much less conductive of heat, it’s the ideal choice for keeping food heated on a stove top without burning it. All three kinds of material are available in both pre-formatted and custom-made versions, and they can be bought in a wide variety of different configurations depending on your own personal needs.


It’s also possible to find stainless grates with removable holders, which allow you to place pots and pans directly onto the cooking grates without having to dismantle the entire piece. This is particularly useful if you’d prefer to cook using different sized pots and pans. Non-stick cooking grates tend to require more effort to clean than their steel counterparts, but they’re generally easier to clean than non-stick coated metal, too. If you want the best deal when buying these kinds of cooking grates, it’s worth shopping around for the best price and the widest range of available models. There are some really good deals to be had online, as well as in traditional stores.


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