The Best of New Zealand Motels

Narrandera NSW motels – The best of New Zealand Motels is located in Narrandera Nsw, which is the second largest town in the Bay of Islands. The Motel has been established since the year 1940 and it has been serving customers for this long. The motel has more than a hundred rooms and a wide array of rooms and suites to choose from. The Newells is an old motel but it offers one of the finest accommodations in the area. The Motel also provides a spa and sauna as well as a restaurant for dining and entertainment.

narrandera nsw motels

The Best of New Zealand Motels

These New Zealand Motels are known for their service, cleanliness and clean environment. The staff in the motel are very kind and friendly and the Newells Motel is known for this. The guest rooms are well maintained with good furniture and clean linen. There is a pool in the parking lot and it is a good place to relax. This New Zealand Motel is well known for providing comfortable accommodation for travellers and tourists. The motel has two restaurants that serve meals and snacks. The dining room provides many different types of food from Indian, Chinese, Greek and Spanish cuisine.

These New Zealand Motels is very close to the airport and provides a good choice for travellers. It is not a very expensive motel and travellers can spend their nights relaxing or enjoying a meal at a local restaurant. The staff in these New Zealand Motel’s are very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed. It is recommended to book well in advance because these motels fill up fast during peak holiday seasons. The staff provides information on various hotels in Narrandera and there are many more around the area. New Zealand motels offer some great packages and this includes breakfast, hotel accommodation, airfares, car hire, travel insurance, local transport etc. So don’t hesitate to go to New Zealand for your next holiday.