What Does an Eye Doctor Optometrist do?

An eye doctor optometrist is a specialist who offers a specialized service pertaining to the eye or vision. It is any physician concerned with the eye, particularly one having a degree of specialty in eye medicine. In general, eye doctors treat both acute and chronic eye problems, with specialized attention being given to eye diseases. They also provide advice on various procedures that can be done to correct visual defects and vision defects that are not so serious.

How does a pediatric eye doctor optometrist

Eye doctor optometrists perform a wide range of eye operations and are known to perform many surgeries that are beyond the scope of other types of doctors. Some examples are cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, intraocular surgery, and corrective laser surgery. These specialists also assist people who need corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. For instance, an eye doctor optometrist might prescribe glasses for someone who has nearsightedness. Or, an eye doctor optometrist might prescribe lenses for someone with farsightedness.

Eye doctor optometrists work closely with physicians, surgeons, and optometrists in eye medicine, and they usually perform surgeries on an outpatient basis, usually under the guidance of a board-certified eye doctor. They are usually employed in medical facilities that have an ophthalmologist as the primary physician.